Personal Data

Maria Tangerina uses the data we collect for three basic purposes, described in more detail below: (1) to operate our business and provide (including improving and personalizing) the services we offer, (2) to send communications, including promotional communications, and (3) to display advertising.

In carrying out these purposes, we combine data we collect through the various Maria Tangerina services you use to give you a more seamless, consistent and personalized experience. For example, Cortana can use the favorite sports teams you add to the  MSN Sports app to provide information relevant to your interests, or Windows Store can use information about how you use a variety of services to make personalized app recommendations. However, to enhance privacy, we have built in technological and procedural safeguards designed to prevent certain data combinations. For example, we store data we collect from you when you are unauthenticated (not signed in) separately from any account information that directly identifies you, such as your name, email address or phone number.


Providing and improving our services

We use data to provide and improve the services we offer and perform essential business operations. This includes operating the services, maintaining and improving the performance of the services, including developing new features, research, and providing customer support. Examples of such uses include the following.


Providing the Services

We use data to carry out your transactions with us and to provide our services to you. Often, those services include personalized features and recommendations that enhance your productivity and enjoyment, and tailor your service experiences based on your activities, interests and location.

• Customer support. We use data to diagnose service problems, repair customers’ devices, and provide other customer care and support services.

• Product activation. We use data – including device and application type, location, and unique device, application, network and subscription identifiers – in order to activate software and devices that require activation.

• Service Improvement. We use data to continually improve our services, including adding new features or capabilities, such as using search queries and clicks in Bing to improve the relevancy of the search results, or using audio recordings from voice input features to improve speech recognition accuracy.

• Security, Safety and Dispute Resolution. We use data to protect the security and safety of our services and our customers, to detect and prevent fraud, to confirm the validity of software licenses, to resolve disputes and enforce our agreements. Our security features and services can disrupt the operation of malicious software and notify users if malicious software is found on their devices. Our communications and file syncing services systematically scan content in an automated manner to identify suspected spam, viruses, abusive actions, or URLs that have been flagged as fraud, phishing or malware links. We may block delivery of a communication or remove content if it violates our terms.

• Business Operations. We use data to develop aggregate analysis and business intelligence that enable us to operate, protect, make informed decisions, and report on the performance of our business.



We use data we collect to deliver and personalize our communications with you. For example, we may contact you by email or other means to inform you when a subscription is ending, let you know when security updates are available, remind you about items left in your online shopping cart, update you or inquire about a service or repair request, invite you to participate in a survey, or tell you that you need to take action to keep your account active. Additionally, you can sign up for email subscriptions and choose whether you wish to receive promotional communications from Maria Tangerina by email, SMS, physical mail, and telephone. For information about managing email subscriptions and promotional communications, please visit the  Access and Controls section of this privacy statement.



Many of our services are supported by advertising. We use the data we collect to help select the ads Maria Tangerina delivers – whether on our own services or on services offered by third parties. The ads we select may be based on your current location, search query, or the content you are viewing. Other ads are targeted based on your likely interests or other information that we learn about you over time using demographic data, search queries, interests and favorites, usage data, and location data – which we refer to as “interest-based advertising” in this statement. Maria Tangerina does not use what you say in email, chat, video calls or voice mail, or your documents, photos or other personal files to target ads to you. Further details regarding our advertising-related uses of data include:

• Advertising Industry Best Practices and Commitments. We Follow the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and adheres to the NAI Code of Conduct. We also adhere to the following self-regulatory programs:

◦In the US: Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA)

◦In Europe: European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA)

◦In Canada: Ad Choices: Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC) / Choix de Pub: l’Alliance de la publicité numérique du Canada (DAAC)

• Children and Advertising. We do not deliver interest-based advertising to children whose birthdate in their Maria Tangerina account identifies them as under 13 years of age.

• Data Retention. For interest-based advertising, we retain data for no more than 13 months, unless we obtain your consent to retain the data longer.

• Data Sharing. In some cases, we share with advertisers reports about the data we have collected on their sites or ads. We may also share data directly with service providers to permit them to provide services on our behalf or to partner with us in selecting and serving ads for our advertising partners. For instance, Maria Tangerina uses a service provider to match your Maria Tangerina cookie ID and account data with data an advertiser may have about you (such as your recent purchases from them). This is done so the advertiser can reach you with an ad it thinks may be relevant to you. However, the service provider we use acts as a trusted third party and does not share any personal data that Maria Tangerina or the advertiser has about you.

• Data Collected by Other Advertising Companies. Advertisers sometimes include their own web beacons (or those of their other advertising partners) within their advertisements that we display, enabling them to set and read their own cookie. Additionally, Maria Tangerina partners with third-party ad companies to help provide some of our advertising services, and we also allow other third-party ad companies to display advertisements on our sites. These third parties may place cookies on your computer and collect data about your online activities across websites or online services. These companies currently include, but are not limited to: A9, AOL Advertising, AppNexus, Criteo, MediaMath, nugg.adAG, Rocket Fuel, Yahoo!. You may find more information on each company’s practices, including the choices it offers, by clicking on the company names above. Many of them are also members of the NAI or DAA, which each provide a simple way to opt out of ad targeting from participating companies.